Technical Specifications:

Structure or body of the stove: 4 pieces of concrete reinforced with ¼” smooth rebar.

Combustion Chamber: 1 Insulating brick refractory-metal shelf (1/16”sheet metal).

Griddle: Black rectangular iron 30” long, 15” wide, and 1/8” thick. 2 burners with 3 discs each, including a flat iron hook 16” long, 1/8” thick and 0.5” wide.

Stovepipe: 1 elbow pipe, 2 tubes (3” diameter), 1 chimney cap (round) all is made from 26 gauge-galvanized sheet metal.

1 ¼” iron clamp,

1 metal siphon (flue) for venting exhaust (1mm).

Protector: 0.5” wire mesh, gauge 19.

Insulation: Pumice sand and/or ash

Consumption: Consumes 40% or less wood when using recommended techniques.