Technical specifications:

Structure or stove body: 3 pieces of concrete reinforced with ¼” smooth rebar, 2 wings with metal frames reinforced concrete and combustion chamber: Insulating brick refractory, a metal wood rack (1/16” sheet metal).

Griddle: Black rectangular iron 16” wide and 32” long x 1/8” thick, three stove discs, 1 burner with two disks, 1 burner with one disk, a flat iron hook 16” long, 0.5” wide x 1/8” thick.

Pipe: 1 elbow, 2 tubes (4” in diameter) 1-chimney cap (round) all is made from 26 gauge galvanized sheets. 1 ¼” iron clamp, 1 metal siphon (flue) for venting exhaust 1mm.

Protector; 0.5 wire mesh, 19 gauge.

Consumption: Consumes 40% or less wood when using recommended techniques

Reduction: Reduces CO2 and carbon particles in the environment by 95% to 99%.